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Artur Hiaeve Announces Plans for New Miami Beach Insurance Firm

Insurance consultant Artur Hiaeve secures crucial investment, announces plans for new consultancy firm.

A veteran of the local insurance industry, Miami Beach-based consultant Artur Hiaeve has spent years assisting clients in researching, planning, organizing, preparing, and ultimately securing their all-important insurance policies. Currently overseeing operations at a small privately-owned consultancy company in the bustling south Florida island city, Hiaeve has now secured backing for his own firm, where he promises to offer expertly tailored, comprehensive coverage at unbeatable rates.

“My goal has always been to establish my own consulting business,” explains Artur Hiaeve, speaking from his home in South Florida. While Hiaeve currently oversees the majority of custom at his current employer’s firm, the entrepreneurial insurance consultant has long been keen, he reports, to establish independent operations with a view to exclusively delivering his own brand of five-star service.

Artur Hiaeve‘s plan is to use his more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry to offer carefully tailored, fully comprehensive coverage to clients across the board. “Not only will coverage be expertly tailored and fully comprehensive, but it’ll also be offered at affordable rates,” adds Hiaeve, “delivered with a smile and backed by a commitment to five-star service.”

With investment for the project now secured, so certain is insurance industry veteran Artur Hiaeve of his ability to guarantee his clients the best possible rates that he’s already prepared to offer what he says will be unbeatable prices. “Not only am I looking to afford my clients with unbeatable prices for their health, automotive, life, and property coverage,” says Artur, “but I’m also wholly committed to providing a service which is second to none, not just here in Miami Beach, but across all of southernmost Florida.”

Artur Hiaeve first sought funding for the project late last year. While the nature of Hiaeve’s agreement with his backers remains unclear, the crucial investment sought by the seasoned insurance professional was, it’s thought, secured toward the end of this summer. With plans quickly put in motion, despite widespread uncertainty for much of this year due to the ongoing global health crisis stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Hiaeve is now set to open the doors to his brand-new consultancy business early in the New Year.

Further details are expected in the coming weeks.

Artur Hiaeve is a proud husband and the father of two children, Michael and Judy. The family happily resides in Miami Beach, Florida. Artur Hiaeve’s wife, Nancy, is a beekeeper. Son, Michael, is currently studying at college, while Artur’s daughter, Judy, is working toward a senior management position within a popular national restaurant chain. An insurance consultant for more than 20 years, Artur Hiaeve now plans to use his two decades of experience in the field to breathe new life into the Miami Beach insurance sector with his all-new, as-yet-unnamed consultancy firm, due to open in early 2021.

Artur Hiaeve

How Insurance Consulting Has Changed in 2020, According to Artur Hiaeve

As Artur Hiaveve has noted, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Insurance consulting has not been spared, and in order to keep up with the rapid changes thrust upon the world this year, the industry has gone through a transformative process. There are countless ways insurance consulting is changing, but there are three that have dominated conversations this year.

Artur Hiaeve’s Thoughts on New Legislation

As Artur Hiaeve put it, let’s talk about the virus in the room. On its own, the COVID-19 pandemic would have reshaped the insurance industry and the consulting that comes with it. Mixed with government intervention, it’s a wild ride.

In many states, holds have been placed on insurance companies that prevent them from dropping delinquent customers. Along with changes to in-person business practices, there are new regulations that have rewritten the rules for insurance and insurance consulting. Two of the biggest hurdles are learning to be as remote accessible as possible and finding ways to account for dramatically altered insurance revenues. As things continue, legislative changes will remain difficult to predict and volatile.

Artur Hiaeve and Consulting Growth During Uncertainty

Typically, insurance is bad for economic growth. So far, 2020 has seen entire economies shrink — much less the industries within those economies. Despite that, Artur Hiaeve has tracked that consulting, across industries, is in a state of growth.

Turmoil breeds uncertainty, and in times of uncertainty, people want expert consultants. While 2020 isn’t done yet, Artur Hiaeve’s projections expect 14-percent job growth across all consulting agencies in the U.S. in 2021.

Artur Hiaeve Explains the Value of Real-Time Analytics for Pacing Rapid Change

As Artur Hiaeve has pointed out before, digitization and big analysis have been the trends in insurance consulting for a few years now. 2020 hit the accelerator on these trends. Insurance companies need to know real-time trends on demand.

Top insurers were able to track a sudden drop in car accidents in April and adjust accordingly. Smaller insurers that couldn’t keep up lost a competitive edge when rebates came to customers in June. This is just one example. Artur Hiaeve regularly explains that volatility increases the demand for expertise. Fast and powerful analytics are the engine of expertise, and data is the fuel for that engine. For insurance consulting, data collection and analytics should be a top priority for investing through 2021.

This has been a year that tested everyone. Those who can stay on their toes and adapt to rapid change are thriving. Those who can’t are struggling. Staying informed is the key to being ahead of new trends. It’s an enormous challenge, but it’s an insurance consultant’s job to do what it takes to be the expert everyone needs.

Artur Hiaeve

Artur Hiaeve Discusses How Nashville Could Soon Have a Major League Baseball Team

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses how and why Nashville may soon have a Major League Baseball team.

Nashville has never had a Major League Baseball team. However, thanks to a number of famous and not-so-famous investors, an MLB team in Tennessee could soon become a reality. Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently discussed how the likelihood of an MLB team coming to Nashville is likely.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the push for an MLB team in Nashville has gotten a lot of press because of one of the major investors, 10-time Grammy winner Justin Timberlake. Artur Hiaeve added that he expects the prospect of an MLB team in Music City to come to fruition due to the investors already casting their lots and moving the project forward.

In addition to Justin Timberlake, famed baseball executive Dave Dombrowski has become a recent investor, further pushing the project along. John Loar of Music City Baseball has expressed that an MLB team in Nashville will combine the love of the sport of baseball with the city’s love of music. Artur Hiaeve explained that this could quickly become the top entertainment option for locals and visitors alike.

“The team will be named the Nashville Stars,” Artur Hiaeve said. “It only seems fitting that one of America’s biggest national stars and Memphis native, Justin Timberlake, would be behind this project.”

Artur Hiaeve further explained that John Loar of Music City Baseball has been working with Justin Timberlake for more than six months. Timberlake expressed an interest in creating an entirely new entertainment district surrounding the stadium, one that incorporates live music, sports, and numerous other forms of entertainment.

“The Nashville Stars and the surrounding entertainment center could transform the city in a seriously positive way, especially since the city will be in need of serious entertainment boom following the coronavirus pandemic,” Artur Hiaeve said.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the project will not continue without hurdles. The plan still lacks serious financing and majority owners as well as the building of the stadium and land rights. Artur Hiaeve added that Nashville residents will also need to get on board with the project, because their tax dollars will be used to pay for the stadium. This could be difficult for a city that has been losing serious entertainment and tourism dollars due to the pandemic.

“It’s a complex project that still has a long road ahead,” Artur Hiaeve said. “Investors are going to have to get the city and its residents behind them, but as baseball fans, we believe that’s something Justin Timberlake’s influence can help.”

Artur Hiaeve finished by stating that league officials have joked that Justin Timberlake will now have to adjust his MLB fan loyalties from the Dodgers to the Stars, a team we could be seeing take the field in the next couple of years.

Artur Hiaeve Offers Insurance Consulting Services in Miami Beach

Tailored Insurance Coverage for Individuals and Businesses

Artur Hiaeve is leveraging dynamic insurance coverage to help individuals and businesses in the Miami Beach community mitigate risk and ensure financial stability. This includes a spectrum of insurance products that shield against legal liability and recoup lost cash flows.

For individuals, Artur Hiaeve offers advice on homeowner’s policies, auto policies, boat policies and life insurance among other coverage options. This includes an analysis of different types of life insurance, such as term, universal and whole-life. Knowing the benefits of each type of policy is key for protecting assets and beneficiaries effectively. Artur Hiaeve works diligently to optimize coverage based on clients’ specific needs and financial situations.

Regarding business coverage, Artur Hiaeve advises clients on general liability and property protection, as well as auto policies and other business-related insurance. Given that businesses face more legal liability and governmental requirements than ever before, it is critical to have the right coverage in place to ensure that business operations can continue, even when faced with daunting risks and natural catastrophes.

Umbrella coverage can be beneficial for individuals and businesses alike. This is true regardless whether there are hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars at risk. Artur Hiaeve works with clients to assess overall coverage and identify gaps in policies that can be filled by umbrella coverage. This added general liability coverage becomes applicable when other policy coverage thresholds are exhausted. This added layer of protection is often-times very affordably priced and can provide peace-of-mind to clients.

There are a myriad of insurance policies and coverage thresholds available to businesses and consumers. All of these options can make it difficult to select the right policy. Having a trusted advisor in place to help navigate the insurance market and select coverage is critical. Artur Hiaeve has built a reputation for excellence, helping clients optimize policies while removing excess coverage.

Artur Hiaeve also advises clients on the risks of going uninsured. To forgo coverage can expose clients to various risks that can have lasting adverse impacts on livelihoods and families. It is better to get the right coverage now with the help of a skilled professional.

Artur Hiaeve has over 20-years-experience in the insurance industry tailoring coverage options to individuals and businesses. He and his family are proud supporters of the local community and work to ensure the continued vibrance of Miami Beach.

Pandemic Insurance Advice from Consultant Artur Hiaeve

Pandemic Insurance Advice from Consultant Artur Hiaeve

As an insurance consultant in Miami Beach, Artur Hiaeve has seen firsthand the dramatic industry effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. All areas of business, including insurance, had to change operations to stay afloat during uncertain times. As a top insurance consultant, Artur Hiaeve has critical advice regarding insurance policy management during the pandemic.

Types of Insurance

The most common misconception witnessed by Artur Hiaeve is the idea that the pandemic will only impact the health insurance industry. Although health insurance needs change due to the coronavirus, all types of insurance products adjust in a post-COVID society. Homeowner’s insurance is one type of option that surprisingly must undergo re-evaluation during the pandemic. Policyholders and business owners must consider any inclusions and exclusions in the plan if shutdowns have led you to work out of your home.

Another type of insurance product that will change too due to the coronavirus is travel insurance plans. No carrier is likely to include COVID-19 as a peril on the coverage. The only way COVID-19 will be part of a travel insurance policy is if hotels or airlines cancel trips and close down due to the pandemic.

Within the health insurance industry, a concern is the difficulty of subscribers maintaining insurance. As businesses shutter, employees are terminated and left without an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. Approximately 12 million Americans lost health insurance coverage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals have limited options that may include COBRA coverage or a plan through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. The challenge of COBRA and private policies is that coverage costs are high and not usually affordable for those out of work.

Businesses and Insurance Options

Artur Hiaeve advises businesses to carefully evaluate insurance needs throughout the pandemic. He works directly with clients to plot out insurance buying that makes the most fiscal sense in an extended pandemic period—future business planning projects whether a business will undergo a significant shakeup due to COVID-19. For instance, if the company must change its business structure to survive the economy, insurance policies and inclusions could need revisiting.

According to Artur Hiaeve, additional coverage is commonplace for businesses concerned over the pandemic’s long-term effects. As an example, directors and officers liability insurance protect shareholders in the case of legal action related to coronavirus claims.

Artur Hiaeve resides in Miami Beach with his family and has more than two decades worth of insurance experience. His consulting expertise allows him to make comprehensive insurance recommendations with low overhead costs to clients.

Artur Hiaeve

Artur Hiaeve Lists the Top Places to Visit in New York City

Artur Hiaeve spent part of his childhood in New York City. He often takes his wife, Nancy, and their two children, Michael and Judy, to his old stomping grounds to show them the area and now he is recommending several places throughout the city that the rest of us should visit.

An insurance consultant now living in the Miami Beach, Florida, area, Artur Hiaeve knows the boroughs of New York City inside and out and has said that the city is an idyllic location for a family vacation. He highlights the abundance of educational places to visit, amazing cuisine with a vast selection of eateries, and tons of places that offer fun and excitement for all ages.

“Of course, there are the iconic New York City sites every person should see in their lifetime,” Artur Hiaeve has said previously. “But there are also those underground spots that make everyone in your family say ‘wow.’”

Artur Hiaeve said that a person can visit New York City many times and still not see and experience and every single thing it has the city has to offer. He enjoys not only showing his family, friends, and others the well-known places but the lesser-known features of the city that many people do not even know about. These places Artur Hiaeve had originally visited with his aunt and uncle as he grew up in the city.

Artur Hiaeve said that the one thing he tells every visitor to New York City is to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry because it is completely free to ride and provides some of the most amazing views of not only New York City but New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty as well.

Artur Hiaeve said that the Staten Island Ferry is meant to be used as a commuter ferry and normally is very crowded, especially during rush hour. Artur Hiaeve recommends hopping a ride on the well-known ferry during a different time of day rather than during rush hour times so everyone can take in the beautiful, educational, and interesting sites without fighting the crowd and without spending any money.

Artur Hiaeve also recommends visiting the gorgeous and very large Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It not only offers amazing views of the New York City skyline but offers the opportunity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which Artur Hiaeve said that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. Artur Hiaeve points out that it is a great way to start a summer day before it becomes hot outside.

Artur Hiaeve suggests bringing along your appetite to visit the famous Chinatown area of New York City and embarking on a culinary tour.

“This is something my family looks forward to every time we visit the city. We always stock up on fun Chinatown souvenirs while we’re there too,” Artur Hiaeve has said in previous articles.

Artur Hiaeve reminds visitors to the city that they should also visit the One World Observatory in the One World Trade Center, which is now the tallest building that is situated in the Western Hemisphere. He said it is a perfect place to take in the views of the city and to remember those lives lost in the horrible terrorist attacked on 9/11.

Artur Hiaeve said New York City must-see city with an array of places to visit and encourages people to create their own must-see list to recommend to family and friends.

Artur Hiaeve Discusses When the MLB Will Restart the Season and How It Will Be Different in 2020

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses when the MLB will restart the season and how games will look different in 2020.

Sports fans around the country are patiently awaiting the return of their favorite games and matches. The desire for sports to make a reappearance amidst the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of speculation regarding when seasons will start and which changes will occur. Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently discussed the latest news on Major League Baseball (MLB) and the organization’s usual 60-day season.

Artur Hiaeve explained that major announcements were made on Monday, July 6, 2020. The largest of those announcements being that the opening day for MLB will be July 23, 2020. That’s just two weeks away. Artur Hiaeve stated that the first games of the season will be the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals versus the New York Yankees. However, Artur Hiaeve added this season won’t look quite like it has in previous years.

Artur Hiaeve explained the league is rolling out a 60-game season that features solely regional games. Teams will only play other teams in their division as well as a parallel division in the opposite league. This means that teams in the AL East division will only play teams also in the AL East as well as those in the NL East division. Artur Hiaeve added that while this may be slightly disappointing, all of the usual local rivalries will take place, as most rivalries occur within divisions.

Artur Hiaeve stated that there’s no doubt this season will be drastically different than others. He explained that some players have opted out of playing to stay home and ride out the coronavirus pandemic. Other players have tested positive for the virus and are awaiting negative results before they can begin practice and play.

Artur Hiaeve added that these decisions were not made without controversy. In fact, the players union and the MLB organization have been clashing since talks of restarting the season began. Some players have protested returning to play amidst recent rises in coronavirus case numbers. Others have had enough with pay cuts and want to return to the season with prorated salaries. Artur Hiaeve added that a number of elements remain up in the air as some players are awaiting coronavirus test results and negotiations between the players and the league remain unsettled.

“As baseball fans, we’re excited to see the players take the field on July 23,” Artur Hiaeve said. “However, I don’t think anyone know exactly how these first games will operate until they’re actually underway.”