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Artur Hiaeve Lists the Top Places to Visit in New York City

Artur Hiaeve spent part of his childhood in New York City. He often takes his wife, Nancy, and their two children, Michael and Judy, to his old stomping grounds to show them the area and now he is recommending several places throughout the city that the rest of us should visit.

An insurance consultant now living in the Miami Beach, Florida, area, Artur Hiaeve knows the boroughs of New York City inside and out and has said that the city is an idyllic location for a family vacation. He highlights the abundance of educational places to visit, amazing cuisine with a vast selection of eateries, and tons of places that offer fun and excitement for all ages.

“Of course, there are the iconic New York City sites every person should see in their lifetime,” Artur Hiaeve has said previously. “But there are also those underground spots that make everyone in your family say ‘wow.’”

Artur Hiaeve said that a person can visit New York City many times and still not see and experience and every single thing it has the city has to offer. He enjoys not only showing his family, friends, and others the well-known places but the lesser-known features of the city that many people do not even know about. These places Artur Hiaeve had originally visited with his aunt and uncle as he grew up in the city.

Artur Hiaeve said that the one thing he tells every visitor to New York City is to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry because it is completely free to ride and provides some of the most amazing views of not only New York City but New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty as well.

Artur Hiaeve said that the Staten Island Ferry is meant to be used as a commuter ferry and normally is very crowded, especially during rush hour. Artur Hiaeve recommends hopping a ride on the well-known ferry during a different time of day rather than during rush hour times so everyone can take in the beautiful, educational, and interesting sites without fighting the crowd and without spending any money.

Artur Hiaeve also recommends visiting the gorgeous and very large Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It not only offers amazing views of the New York City skyline but offers the opportunity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which Artur Hiaeve said that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. Artur Hiaeve points out that it is a great way to start a summer day before it becomes hot outside.

Artur Hiaeve suggests bringing along your appetite to visit the famous Chinatown area of New York City and embarking on a culinary tour.

“This is something my family looks forward to every time we visit the city. We always stock up on fun Chinatown souvenirs while we’re there too,” Artur Hiaeve has said in previous articles.

Artur Hiaeve reminds visitors to the city that they should also visit the One World Observatory in the One World Trade Center, which is now the tallest building that is situated in the Western Hemisphere. He said it is a perfect place to take in the views of the city and to remember those lives lost in the horrible terrorist attacked on 9/11.

Artur Hiaeve said New York City must-see city with an array of places to visit and encourages people to create their own must-see list to recommend to family and friends.

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