Artur Hiaeve Discusses When the MLB Will Restart the Season and How It Will Be Different in 2020

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses when the MLB will restart the season and how games will look different in 2020.

Sports fans around the country are patiently awaiting the return of their favorite games and matches. The desire for sports to make a reappearance amidst the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of speculation regarding when seasons will start and which changes will occur. Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently discussed the latest news on Major League Baseball (MLB) and the organization’s usual 60-day season.

Artur Hiaeve explained that major announcements were made on Monday, July 6, 2020. The largest of those announcements being that the opening day for MLB will be July 23, 2020. That’s just two weeks away. Artur Hiaeve stated that the first games of the season will be the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals versus the New York Yankees. However, Artur Hiaeve added this season won’t look quite like it has in previous years.

Artur Hiaeve explained the league is rolling out a 60-game season that features solely regional games. Teams will only play other teams in their division as well as a parallel division in the opposite league. This means that teams in the AL East division will only play teams also in the AL East as well as those in the NL East division. Artur Hiaeve added that while this may be slightly disappointing, all of the usual local rivalries will take place, as most rivalries occur within divisions.

Artur Hiaeve stated that there’s no doubt this season will be drastically different than others. He explained that some players have opted out of playing to stay home and ride out the coronavirus pandemic. Other players have tested positive for the virus and are awaiting negative results before they can begin practice and play.

Artur Hiaeve added that these decisions were not made without controversy. In fact, the players union and the MLB organization have been clashing since talks of restarting the season began. Some players have protested returning to play amidst recent rises in coronavirus case numbers. Others have had enough with pay cuts and want to return to the season with prorated salaries. Artur Hiaeve added that a number of elements remain up in the air as some players are awaiting coronavirus test results and negotiations between the players and the league remain unsettled.

“As baseball fans, we’re excited to see the players take the field on July 23,” Artur Hiaeve said. “However, I don’t think anyone know exactly how these first games will operate until they’re actually underway.”

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