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Artur Hiaeve Discusses How Nashville Could Soon Have a Major League Baseball Team

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses how and why Nashville may soon have a Major League Baseball team.

Nashville has never had a Major League Baseball team. However, thanks to a number of famous and not-so-famous investors, an MLB team in Tennessee could soon become a reality. Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently discussed how the likelihood of an MLB team coming to Nashville is likely.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the push for an MLB team in Nashville has gotten a lot of press because of one of the major investors, 10-time Grammy winner Justin Timberlake. Artur Hiaeve added that he expects the prospect of an MLB team in Music City to come to fruition due to the investors already casting their lots and moving the project forward.

In addition to Justin Timberlake, famed baseball executive Dave Dombrowski has become a recent investor, further pushing the project along. John Loar of Music City Baseball has expressed that an MLB team in Nashville will combine the love of the sport of baseball with the city’s love of music. Artur Hiaeve explained that this could quickly become the top entertainment option for locals and visitors alike.

“The team will be named the Nashville Stars,” Artur Hiaeve said. “It only seems fitting that one of America’s biggest national stars and Memphis native, Justin Timberlake, would be behind this project.”

Artur Hiaeve further explained that John Loar of Music City Baseball has been working with Justin Timberlake for more than six months. Timberlake expressed an interest in creating an entirely new entertainment district surrounding the stadium, one that incorporates live music, sports, and numerous other forms of entertainment.

“The Nashville Stars and the surrounding entertainment center could transform the city in a seriously positive way, especially since the city will be in need of serious entertainment boom following the coronavirus pandemic,” Artur Hiaeve said.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the project will not continue without hurdles. The plan still lacks serious financing and majority owners as well as the building of the stadium and land rights. Artur Hiaeve added that Nashville residents will also need to get on board with the project, because their tax dollars will be used to pay for the stadium. This could be difficult for a city that has been losing serious entertainment and tourism dollars due to the pandemic.

“It’s a complex project that still has a long road ahead,” Artur Hiaeve said. “Investors are going to have to get the city and its residents behind them, but as baseball fans, we believe that’s something Justin Timberlake’s influence can help.”

Artur Hiaeve finished by stating that league officials have joked that Justin Timberlake will now have to adjust his MLB fan loyalties from the Dodgers to the Stars, a team we could be seeing take the field in the next couple of years.

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