Artur Hiaeve

Artur Hiaeve Announces Plans for New Miami Beach Insurance Firm

Insurance consultant Artur Hiaeve secures crucial investment, announces plans for new consultancy firm.

A veteran of the local insurance industry, Miami Beach-based consultant Artur Hiaeve has spent years assisting clients in researching, planning, organizing, preparing, and ultimately securing their all-important insurance policies. Currently overseeing operations at a small privately-owned consultancy company in the bustling south Florida island city, Hiaeve has now secured backing for his own firm, where he promises to offer expertly tailored, comprehensive coverage at unbeatable rates.

“My goal has always been to establish my own consulting business,” explains Artur Hiaeve, speaking from his home in South Florida. While Hiaeve currently oversees the majority of custom at his current employer’s firm, the entrepreneurial insurance consultant has long been keen, he reports, to establish independent operations with a view to exclusively delivering his own brand of five-star service.

Artur Hiaeve‘s plan is to use his more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry to offer carefully tailored, fully comprehensive coverage to clients across the board. “Not only will coverage be expertly tailored and fully comprehensive, but it’ll also be offered at affordable rates,” adds Hiaeve, “delivered with a smile and backed by a commitment to five-star service.”

With investment for the project now secured, so certain is insurance industry veteran Artur Hiaeve of his ability to guarantee his clients the best possible rates that he’s already prepared to offer what he says will be unbeatable prices. “Not only am I looking to afford my clients with unbeatable prices for their health, automotive, life, and property coverage,” says Artur, “but I’m also wholly committed to providing a service which is second to none, not just here in Miami Beach, but across all of southernmost Florida.”

Artur Hiaeve first sought funding for the project late last year. While the nature of Hiaeve’s agreement with his backers remains unclear, the crucial investment sought by the seasoned insurance professional was, it’s thought, secured toward the end of this summer. With plans quickly put in motion, despite widespread uncertainty for much of this year due to the ongoing global health crisis stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Hiaeve is now set to open the doors to his brand-new consultancy business early in the New Year.

Further details are expected in the coming weeks.

Artur Hiaeve is a proud husband and the father of two children, Michael and Judy. The family happily resides in Miami Beach, Florida. Artur Hiaeve’s wife, Nancy, is a beekeeper. Son, Michael, is currently studying at college, while Artur’s daughter, Judy, is working toward a senior management position within a popular national restaurant chain. An insurance consultant for more than 20 years, Artur Hiaeve now plans to use his two decades of experience in the field to breathe new life into the Miami Beach insurance sector with his all-new, as-yet-unnamed consultancy firm, due to open in early 2021.

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